Andrew (Andrea) De Angelis - Born in Rome 01 Aug 1982 - Currently living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

About Andrew (Andrea)

Senior Travel Advisor at Civilized Adventures

Seamless, flawless, flexible – words that roll off the tongue, but are hard to execute when creating a one-of-a-kind itinerary.  Travelling to over 50 countries, he’s been (at various times), a guide, a traveller, an expat, and a linguistic—speaking three languages.

Guests come to rely on his decades of travel experience, which includes living and working in Rome, Aarhus, London, and Mendoza (Argentina’s premier wine region). Andrew has visited exotic locales such as the polar Regions, the Amazonian rainforest and multiple safaris in Africa – he has even explored the depths of India and Japan. Andrew knows how to find authentic and meaningful experiences.

His native land Italy is one of his many specialities, where he led tours for almost 10 years. He’s also guided trips through Svalbard and Lofoten (Norway), Brazil, Tibet, Morocco and Jordan.